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Transform anonymous visitors into revenue

Leverage Munchspot to capture up to 15x more email addresses from unidentified visitors on your Shopify store

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Identify Anonymous Visitors - Boost Revenue

Munchspot helps e-commerce brands identify email addresses of anonymous visitors who don't fill out forms or popups. We can identify up to 35% of anonymous visitors on your website.

Permissioned Emails - 100% Compliant

All of the emails we identify are fully permissioned and opted-in, so you can add them to your email marketing platform and retarget them freely without any issues and with 100% compliance.

Retarget Up to 98% of Web Traffic

98% of your web traffic is anonymous and can’t be retargeted to. We can capture emails from these visitors even if they don’t fill out a form allowing you to safely retarget them over email.

Reclaim Lost Revenue

Recover 5x more of your cart abandoners. Only 10% of your visitors are being sent abandoned cart emails. These are your visitors who are logged in. We help identify the rest, so you can send abandoned cart flows to these shoppers and reclaim more of your lost revenue.

Skyrocket Your Email List

Grow your email list up to 15x faster. We identify anonymous visitors into active emails, providing only fresh, engaged emails not already on your list. Munchspot cross checks all emails for engagement and only provides emails from visitors who are known for opening and clicking through.

100% USA Compliant

Munchspot is 100% compliant in the USA and is only legal in the USA. Our database only contains US email addresses, and all of the emails that we provide are opted-in to receive marketing emails from our partners (you).

Revenue Guarantee

Munchspot is backed by our Revenue Guarantee. We guarantee that you’ll get a positive ROI using our identity platform. If you don’t, you’ll get a full refund from us and we’ll even send you a free gift card for your trouble.

How It Works


Add our pixel (which is a small text of code) to your Shopify store

Grow Your Email List Faster

Capture your store visitors emails even if they don’t fill out a form

Recover More Abandoned Carts

Retarget more of your store visitors who abandon their carts with email flows to recover more of your lost sales

Increase Your Revenue

Watch your revenue grow from a larger email list and more abandoned cart sales

We used MunchSpot to capture more emails on our Shopify store, and it dramatically increased our revenue. Our new email list enabled us to reach more targeted shoppers, giving us a clear edge over the competition. It was simple to use and helped us grow our email list 10x faster. Highly recommend!

Andrew Brown

CEO of PremiumCare


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